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Speed Optimization

Your website should load fast

 We’ve all had that experience – we go to a website, and it takes forever to load.  Do you ever just click the back button or go to another website?  Is this your current website?  You may be losing customers just because your current website is not optimized for speed and efficiency.

Today’s websites are loaded with images, scripts, fonts and more, and all of those have to be downloaded.

Redwood SEO supercharges websites and primes them for growth using speed optimization techniques, such as caching, CDN‘s, and compression, so we guarantee each visitor to your website has a fast and efficient experience.

It’s just as important to streamline that experience across all devices, so our strategies include optimization for mobile and tablet devices, and the websites we build are fully seo websites from the ground up.


Redwood SEO is speed optimized websites
Redwood SEO is speed optimized websites

User Interface & User Experience Optimization

Users need to be able to navigate your site to buy your products

We’ve all had those experiences – we go to a website, and we can’t find how to call the owner, or to get more information about a product, or what the hours of operation are.

Sometimes, we can’t even find out the price of the item we’re looking at, the shipping fees, or how to buy an item!  This drives us crazy as web surfers, yet everyday we @ Redwood SEO see well-intentioned designs burdoned by lack of clear user interface and user experience optimizations.

We use modern business logic to find the most efficient path to connect your visitors and customers to your products and services.

Keyword & Content Optimization

Are you losing ranking, traffic, and sales because of poor keyword optimization?

You make or sell widgets.  Through all of the content on your website, you refer to your widgets as widgets.  The problem is, people are searching Google for widgets in San Francisco, environmentally-friendly widgets, and widgets with lights, and Google responds by providing the most relevant searches to the user – forcing your pages to rank lower.

Redwood SEO creates keyword optimization strategy and content revison plans that are based on current Google and Bing! search engine data, keyword search trends, and other metrics.

We use real data to make real-time decisions about how to make your website content meet what your visitors and potential customers are searching for.

We then use rank tracking and engagement metrics to gauge how well your content is performing.

Knowing how to create a solid keyword optimization strategy is a key to growing like a digital redwood.

On-Page SEO by Redwood SEO

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