Media Creation

Doing search engine optimization and having a solid marketing strategy is only part of what you need to grow your brand – you also need great marketing and product photos, handouts like catalogs, brochures and sales flyers, and videos.

Graphic Design

Graphic design goes hand-in-hand with good marketing.  Sure, the words are important, but the images and videos complement the words, as well as the format they are received – ads, web pages, pdfs, catalogs, etc – are equally important.  Even more important is understanding the formatting specs and process necessary to achieve high quality results with your marketing.

Redwood SEO creates almost any type of graphic design, for almost any purpose.


Photos are worth 1000 words.  They immediately engage the viewer and bring them into whatever message your brand is trying to spread.  Everything – from your business’ location to your staff to your products needs photos.  The problem is, once you need photos a bit better than your average iPhone selfie, you need professional photography, and that’s where Redwood SEO comes in.

Whether we’re shooting photos on location for a single marketing campaign, or removing the backgrounds of product photos your in-house photographer took, Redwood SEO specializes in top-quality photographs to create the maximum effect on your viewers.


Not every brand needs videography to compliment their marketing but far more do than currently use it.  Short commercials for your brand, videos to post to social media, even product videos that demonstrate your product or ask people to try it for reactions – there’s dozens of ways to incorporate videos into your marketing campaign.

Redwood SEO has specialized in video production for years and can help you get maximum impact from your video marketing campaigns.


Media Creation Strategy & Consultation

It can be extremely difficult to understand and embrace the process of making high quality media for marketing, as it often also requires expensive equipment and software.

Let us discuss with you what you’re currently doing for your graphic design, photography, or videography needs, and opportunities that we feel can help you achieve greater results, perhaps even for less budget.

Get started with an SEO strategy that works in the short and long term.