Websites aren’t an oil well that gets dug once and are forgottent about.  Websites are constantly changing and adapting to meet the needs of both the business and the demands of the visitors and customers of that business.

From Search Engine Optimization (SEO) to improving the overall flow of traffic using User Interface Optimization or User Experience Optimization, or even optimizing for specific mobile devices, Redwood SEO understands the perceived and monetary value of a website that is constantly improving.


Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Search Engine Optimization has become a blanket term for the optimization of the majority of elements on your website from keyword optimization to speed optimization.  Because the search engines now pay attention to stats like bounce rate and mobile-responsiveness, these all play a role in increasing your search engine rankings with Google and the rest.

Redwood SEO is a master of search engine optimization and finds opportunities to improve your website – and your rankings and other valuable stats.

User Interface (UI) Optimization

The user interface is basically the design (theme and layout) of your website, and it plays a major role in guiding a visitor from “just looking” to buying, upselling and even repeat customers.

Redwood SEO finds the missing links in your user interface, and finds ways to simplify and optimize – so that your message isn’t lost, it’s now clear and resonates with your audience.

User Experience (UX) Optimization

User experience of a website is a lesser understood metric, but it comes down to how does a visitor to your website feel when they walk away? Much of the time, this relates to the amount of engagement that they experience on your business website – and often that means your website isn’t compelling enough.

Through innovative research and analysis, Redwood SEO examines the behavior of website visitors and discovers rich opportunities to optimize and improve the User Experience.

Social Media Optimization

Because over 90% of the United States population over 21 now has a profile on a social media platform like Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter or Yelp!, your brand needs to be hitting on all cylinders on these social media platforms too.  This is especially true because your competitors are already doing so, creating a seamless experience between their website and their social media.

Redwood SEO fuses the gap between your website and social media platforms with complete analysis and optimization of what you currently have – and don’t.

Content Optimization

Content – pages, posts, media, etc. – can be well conceived and well planned, but can fail in execution to achieve a desired business’ results. Sometimes it’s down to the text itself being too long or improperly formatted, other times its more fundamental like keyword optimization, poor layout, or not enough calls to action.

In any case, Redwood SEO finds the missing key to unlock the potential of your content and allow it connect with your visitors.

Mobile Device Optimization

Mobile devices have taken over the internet, now accounting for more searches than their desktop counterparts.  Not surpisingly, the websites that are built using desktop computers often don’t display correctly, or function as intended on small device screens.  This is especially typical of older websites that were built before the mobile device / tablet revolution.

Redwood SEO fully engages mobile devices with every website that we build, and we optimize many business websites just for mobile device optimization.


Optimization Strategy & Consultation

Optimization is a key to unlocking the potential of your website, your social media, and your brand.

Contact Redwood SEO and we can begin with consultation – your first step to understanding where you can optimize your current brand strategy and marketing assets.

Get started with an SEO strategy that works in the short and long term.