The purpose of marketing is to spread the message about your brand, your products, and your services (or whatever else you want to feature).  In turn, this message is viewed, read, or heard by your audience, some of which are your potential customers.  They then engage with your marketing – comment on it, share it, click through a link to your website, or buy your product.

This is why marketing is so important – it is arguably the single largest item that can impact the growth of a brand, increases in sales, and customer retention.

The message that is spread can come in many forms – from SMS text messages  to well crafted in-depth articles – and can be spread through many channels including social media, email, search engines, and more.

Each of our marketing campaigns are designed using the Redwood SEO Growth Method and will grow your brand, increase your audience (reach), and create more sales.

Social Media Marketing

Social Media platforms connect your brand with over 90% of the adult citizens in the USA.

We can optimize your current marketing, create a new marketing campaign, or completely handle your entire social media marketing department for you.


Content Marketing

Content marketing makes your brand into a source for information, education, and entertainment… the life of the party.

We work with you to create original articles, marketing images such as infographics, relevant videos and more.

Local Marketing (Local SEO)

Local marketing puts your business, and all of its physical locations, on the map.

We work directly with all local directories and services including Yelp!, Google Places & Maps, and Facebook to ensure your business details and profiles are completely optimized for maximum visibility.

Email Marketing

Email marketing is one of the potentially most lucrative forms of marketing, but few companies engage in it, and even fewer have mastered it.

From newsletters to product release announcements to cart abandonment and other automation emails, Redwood SEO builds winning email marketing campaigns that bring results.

Mobile Marketing

Mobile marketing is growing by the day with the ability to send SMS text messages, geo target, and create ongoing notifications directly on user’s mobile devices.

There’s never been an easier way to spread the message about what you do than to deliver it straight into the palm of your customer’s hand.


Marketing Strategy & Consultation

Marketing without strategy is like shooting a shotgun in the dark, hoping to hit something.  This is why all of our marketing and advertising campaigns begin with a Marketing Strategy, which works hand-in-hand with, and revolves around, your Analytics.  Over time, we will review your analytics and revise your recommended marketing strategy based on analysis of your cumulative results.

With consultation, Redwood SEO can work with you one-on-one or with your team to analyze your current marketing efforts and strategy, and offer you opportunities to grow and increase your marketing results.

Get started with an SEO strategy that works in the short and long term.