It’s amazing to think that just a few years ago, campanies viewed websites as optional. Can you picture a CEO of a Fortune 500 company (or even the owner of a small business), declaring that they don’t need a website?

Your website is the central point of all of your marketing growth for your brand.  It is the hub upon which customers can learn about your business, interact with various media you provide for them, gain information about your products and services and even directly purchase them.  Your website is where you share social media posts from, and where you link your emails to.  In the end, since you don’t control the social media platforms you use, or the email web services you use, the one thing you do control, is your website.  So you better make it good – and Redwood SEO can help with that.

Website Design & Development

The core of any website is the functional design and development.  Poorly designed websites repel visitors, while well designed websites engage vistors, and help to generate more sales.

Redwood SEO has been designing and developing websites for businesses for decades.

Website Optimization

A well-designed website is just a starting place. Over time, the website needs to change – to showcase and support new products, services, or marketing campaigns. Additionally, some things just don’t work as well as they should – they don’t bring enough clicks, result in bounces/exits, or don’t convert (sales).

Redwood SEO identifies those components – such as user interface or user experience – that are not performing well and optimizes them into success.

Website Redevelopment & Overhauls

At various points in a business website’s journey, whole sections have run their course – they become outdated with information, design, or they just don’t perform like they should.

At the same time, it doesn’t always make sense to build a whole new website, because much of the website is working correctly or has specially developed areas that would cost too much to replace.


Website Maintenance

Maintaining your website is the last thing on any business owner’s mind.  Yet, core code of WordPress and Drupal or other content management systems go out of date almost daily, as well as plugins and themes.  When you don’t update this code, it opens security vulnerabilites, and terrible things can happen – from public defacing of your website to data theft.

Redwood SEO takes security and maintenance of your website as seriously as design & development.  View our website maintenance packages to find out more.

Website Mobile Compatability

Once upon a time, there were only desktop computers accessing websites – and just a couple of browsers.  Today, mobile phones are the majority of the traffic visiting websites, and there are hundreds of web browsers.  The need for your website to work correctly over all of them has never been higher.

Every website Redwood SEO designs is responsive (scales from desktop to mobile) and cross-browser compatible.


Website Strategy & Consultation

Your current website may be outdated and needing a complete replacement, or perhaps it is more complicated than that and it needs areas to be redeveloped.

Redwood SEO can work with you directly to determine the best course for your business. Get the next era of your website started by contacting us today.

Get started with an SEO strategy that works in the short and long term.