Would you set out on a backpacking journey across 200 miles of wilderness without a map?  

Would Columbus have discovered America if he had sailed north, east, or south of Spain?

Would you be able to graduate school without studying, researching, and improving your schoolwork?

So why would you begin and continue your journey of marketing your brand or business without a solid well-researched and timely strategy in place?


Marketing Strategy

Your marketing journey began the day you thought to start your business.  Without a solid marketing strategy that shows you what is going on in your industry including your competitors, and takes into account where you’ve been and where you are now – you can never get to where you want to go.

Redwood SEO creates comprehensive marketing strategies that can take your brand from floundering in marketing limbo to success.

Analytics & Analysis

The backbone of the Redwood SEO Growth Method is the statistical analytics (including Google Analytics) that show exactly how your marketing is working through traffic, engagement and sales.

Our analysis of your analytics showcases the areas of your marketing and digital assets that are weak and underperforming or growing, and most importantly, uncovers opportunities for further growth and optimization.


Reports & White Papers

In due course of forming your comprehensive marketing strategy, Redwood SEO will research and analyze multiple sections of your marketing, creating reports as needed to understand our findings.  For example, most of our marketing clients will require a keyword / term research report before beginning any overhaul of marketing programs.  White papers and subject reports can also be requested for particular subjects of interest.


Employee Training

Part of executing a marketing plan to success is having everyone on board and engaged in the process.  In this way, we can’t move full speed in any direction without taking time to train those in your organization that will be participating in your marketing.

These training sessions can be on subjects ranging from technical guidance to brainstorming or Q&A’s, depending on the need, and can be done via distributed pdf’s, over phone, virtually with webcam or in office.


Strategy Review & Consultation

Redwood SEO’s consultation can work directly with you to review your current strategy and discuss opportunities to grow and reshape your marketing.

Consultation can be the first step towards us working with you on long-term projects, or can be ad-hoc as we offer analysis and advice of your current program.

Contact us to get the ball rolling, and begin your Redwood SEO journey today. 

Get started with an SEO strategy that works in the short and long term.