Marketing is the single best thing you can do to grow your brands’ visibility, engagement with potential customers, and sales.

Redwood SEO can optimize your current marketing, create a new marketing campaign, or completely handle your entire marketing department for you.


You’ve already heard of search engine optimization – one of the services we offer – but we also offer optimization for your website and social media.

If it doesn’t look right or feel right, or if it isn’t compatible with search engines, mobile devices, or other specs, your website and marketing won’t perform well.


Your website is the heart of your brands’ digital presence – literally all of your traffic and sales flow through it.  So why have a website you have to apologize for instead of one to be proud of… and brings traffic and sales?

Redwood SEO specializes in turn-key easy-to-operate websites that are SEO optimized, mobile-ready and lightening fast.

Media Creation

Creating marketing campaigns that are winners without engaging photographs, videos and support graphics to help tell your brands’ story is like giving a potential customer a book to read – not very effective.

Redwood SEO creates infographics, marketing images, product photos, and videos to help spread your message.


Strategy, along with it’s best friend Analytics, is the backbone of the Redwood SEO Growth Method.  It keeps your marketing current, relevant, and helps keep your brand growing.

Redwood SEO can help your brand understand where it is performing well (and not so well) in the digital landscape, and discover opportunites for growth.


Speaking directly with you, and getting to know all about your business, website, and marketing is where all of our long-term projects begin at Redwood SEO.

Sometimes, a little outside consultation from Redwood SEO is all your business needs to get pointed in the right direction.

Get started with an SEO strategy that works in the short and long term.

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