The Redwood SEO Growth Method

Redwood SEO grows digital redwoods using advanced search engine optimization.

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You Need a New Website

Redwood SEO builds search engine optimized websites that will help you achieve your goals, no matter how lofty.

From our affordable Lone Redwood website which is perfect for individuals , to our Redwood Grove Storefront, we offer a range of SEO website solutions to meet any growing individual or business needs.

You Need to Revitalize Your Existing Website

Sometimes it makes sense to redevelop your existing website, due to a previous investment in infrastucture, need to integrate with certain other aspects of your business, or just because all it needs is a new user interface.

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Plant Your Digital Redwood

We don’t build websites, we plant digital redwoods.

Need help deciding whether to start a new website or redevelop an old one?

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Grow With Redwood SEO

The clouds aren’t the limit with Redwood SEO.

You Need SEO Strategy

Search Engine Optimization is not just to attract ranking and traffic growth, it is optimization of your entire website, from top to bottom.   Redwood SEO strategy uses numerous industry-leading tools, as well as our own research and data, to identify every area of your website that is not optimized.

Our goal is to help you have an effective long-term and short-term SEO strategy that will make your website much more usable to visitors  with our UI/UX optimization strategy, we improve your website to be responsive and speedy to all visitors with our speed optimization strategy, and open the door to growth channels with our growth optimization strategy.   Further, all our SEO customers get complete reports with tracking and analytics.

Redwood SEO can work with you to determine the best strategy for your goals, timeline, and budget – its what we do best!

Need an SEO strategy that builds digital redwoods?

You Need Website Security

No matter what type or size of website you have, there is a vast world of hackers and theives trying to exploit it.

Redwood SEO implements effective security strategy that combines multiple software integrations and scans to combat all known security vulnerabilities.  With 24/7 uptime monitors, daily security scans, firewalls, malicious IP blocking, and server protection, Redwood SEO values the security of your internal and customer data as much as you do.

You Need Website Maintenance

Out-of-date software is the number 1 reason why most websites are hacked.  No really, it’s a massive problem on the web, and if your business doesn’t have a rock-solid website maintenance plan to maintain your website, its only a matter of time until your business is a victim of a website hijack or has sensitive data stolen.

We look after all the things you don’t have time to do – backing up your complete website, updating all plugins, core code, and themes to their newest versions, trashing spam comments, and dozens of other activities. Then we send you a report at the end of the month to show you all that we did – it doesn’t get easier to gain peace of mind than with a Redwood SEO Maintenance Plan.

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Maintain, Secure & Protect

We keep your website in top shape, so you don’t have to.

Ready to Redwood SEO?