Local SEO + Keyword Search Term Rank Reporting

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When your customers are mostly local, you need to focus on your local market. Did you know that Google, Yahoo, and Bing modify their search results for users based on their location?

For example, if you’re located in Eureka or Arcata, CA, you’re primarily interested in how your Google keyword rankings for your business or industry are for customers located in those markets, or for the larger region of Humboldt County. Similarly, in many markets, its important to keep tabs on your closest competitors in your industry, and see where and how they are outranking your business and pulling more traffic for their website.

To tell how your business is performing locally, you need local keyword search term rank ranking and tracking, as well as local reputation, and changes or incompleteness of your local search profiles.

Redwood SEO’s Local SEO + Keyword Search Term Rank Reporting Pack is a perfect compliment to our Local SEO Kickstart Pack or any monthly engagement pack, several of which include this at no extra charge. Get your reporting today and know what’s going on with your business locally in search.


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